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    2. Message from the Instructor...

    1. What is an Independent Contractor?

    2. You are the CEO of Your Own Business

    3. The Roles of the People Around You

    4. This is Your Business

    5. You’re a Pretty Big Deal

    6. Downloadable Resource: Business Plan Workbook (Download to your computer)

    7. You are in Control

    8. Reality Check

    9. Here and Now!

    10. What a Business Plan Does for an Independent Contractor...

    11. Let's Get Started!

    12. The CEO Mindset Quick Question

    1. Getting to your Personal Why

    2. Create Your Business' Purpose

    3. Create Your Business' Vision

    4. Create your Business’ Mission

    5. Create your Business’ Core Values

    6. Create Your Personal Value Statement

    7. Your Unique Business Identity Quick Question

    1. What is a SMART Goal?

    2. Set Your Long-Term SMART Goal

    3. Set Your Short-Term SMART Goals

    4. Milestone Achievements and Rewards

    5. SMART Goal Setting Quick Question

    1. Effective Planning and Prioritizing

    2. Your Marketing Plan

    3. Your Social Media Calendar

    4. The Big Plan Quick Question

    1. Determining your Budget and Your Monetary Worth

    2. Your Time is Money

    3. You Control Your Income

    4. Manage Time and Money Effectively

    5. Evaluation Saves You Time and Money

    6. Helpful Money Apps for Your Business

    7. Determining your Budget and Your Monetary Worth Quick Question

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