Course curriculum

    1. Message from the Instructor...

    2. Important information regarding internet CE courses

    3. How to use and attend this course, download your classroom material, and receive your CE certificate

    4. Las Vegas Realtors Copywrite and Policies

    5. Class Material: The Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA)

    1. The Residential Purchase Agreement Defined

    2. Expert Spotlight - Contracts 101 with Sarah Morris of the Morris Law Center

    1. Essential Terms of the RPA

    2. Earnest Money Deposit (RPA Sect. 1A)


    4. This Agreement is Contingent Upon Buyer Qualifying for a New Loan (RPA Sect. 1C)

    5. Expert Spotlight: Lender discussion

    6. This Agreement is Contingent Upon Buyers Qualifying to Assume the Following Existing Loans (RPA Sect. 1D)

    7. Buyer to Execute a Promissory Note Secured by Deed of Trust Per Terms in the Financing Addendum (RPA Sect. 1E)

    8. Document Spotlight: The Financing Addendum to the RPA

    9. Balance of Purchase Price (RPA Sect. 1F)

    10. Total Purchase Price (RPA Sect. 1G)

    1. New Loan Application (RPA Sect. 2A)

    2. Appraisal Contingency (RPA Sect. 2B)

    3. Loan Contingency (RPA Sect 2C)

    4. Cash Purchase (RPA Sect. 2D)

    1. Sale of Other Property

    2. Document Spotlight: Contingent Upon Sale Addendum

    1. Fixtures and Personal Property

    2. Smart Home Devices

    3. Document Spotlight: Smart Home Addendum

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