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    1. What Aspects Does Fair Housing Cover for the Real Estate Professional?

    2. Downloadable Resource: FHEO Booklet

    3. Downloadable Resource: Fair Housing Advertising

    4. Downloadable Resource: Las Vegas REALTORS®' Matrix Fair Housing Stop Words

    5. Blockbusting: AKA “Panic Peddling”

    6. An Overview of the Fair Housing Act

    7. Steering

    8. Video: Window to the Law: Fair Housing Update

    9. When Discrimination is Not Overt

    10. Discrimination is Prohibited

    11. Downloadable Resource: 39 Steps Toward Fair Housing

    12. Evolution of the Fair Housing Act

    13. Changes in 2021: LGBTQ Rights

    14. Downloadable Resource: Presidential Document- Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation

    15. Downloadable Resource: The Worden Memo- Implementation of Executive Order 13988 on the Enforcement of the Fair Housing Act

    16. Federal Fair Housing Law and the Real Estate Professional Section Quick Question

    1. The Process: Federal Reporting and Enforcement

    2. How to File a Housing Discrimination Complaint

    3. Downloadable Resource: FHEO State of Fair Housing Report

    4. Downloadable Resource: United States Code Title 42 - The Public Health and Welfare Chapter 45 - Fair Housing

    5. The How Behind the Enforcement of Fair Housing Quick Question

    1. What Violating Fair Housing Could Mean to You and Your Real Estate Career

    2. 2022 Fair Housing Charges from HUD

    3. If the HUD Administrative Law Judge Concludes that the Respondent Violated the Fair Housing Act

    4. Downloadable Resource: Webb Settlement Agreement

    5. If the Federal Court Decides in the Claimant’s Favor

    6. Downloadable Resource: FHEO Case Number: 09-21-3085-8 FHEO Case Name: Claimant v. G Davi Properties and Guido A. Davi II

    7. The Consequences of Violating Fair Housing Quick Question

    1. The NAR Code of Ethics and Fair Housing

    2. Downloadable Resource: 2023 NAR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

    3. A Message from NAR: The Reaffirmation of Fair Housing Principles

    4. NAR’s Fair Housing Declaration

    5. Video: NAR’s Fair Housing Action Plan

    6. NAR's Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy

    7. The National Association of REALTORS® Supports Fair Housing Quick Question

    1. Nevada's Declaration of Public Policy of State and Fair Housing

    2. Nevada’s Prohibited Acts and Fair Housing

    3. Downloadable Resource: The Nevada Law and Reference Guide

    4. NRS 118.110

    5. Nevada's Fair Housing Reporting and Enforcement

    6. Downloadable Resource: FHEO Case Numbers: 03-20-5162-8/4; 03-19-1971-8

    7. NRS 118.115

    8. Nevada's Actions for Injunction or Damages for Violating Fair Housing

    9. Silver State Fair Housing Council - Executive Overview

    10. Nevada Fair Housing Law and the Real Estate Professional Quick Question

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