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    1. Integrity Matters

    2. Video: Handling Multiple Offers with Integrity

    3. Downloadable Resource: NRED Multiple Offers Guidelines for Licensees

    4. Identify Correctly as a Real Estate Professional

    5. Video: Negate Bias from Customer Service

    6. Downloadable Resource: Fair Housing Equal Opportunity Booklet

    7. Video: Unintentional Discrimination

    8. It's Your Clients' Choice

    9. Video: Offer all Buying Options...

    10. An Excerpt from NAR's Explanation of Antitrust Real Estate Issues

    11. Video: It's all About Professionalism

    12. First Impressions are Everything

    13. Video: A Pathway to Professional Conduct

    14. Downloadable Resource: NAR's Professionalism in Real Estate Practice

    15. National Association of Realtors® Guidelines to Professionalism

    16. Downloadable Resource: The NAR Code of Ethics

    17. Downloadable Resource: Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

    18. Integrity and Professionalism Quick Question

    1. Personal Value

    2. Downloadable Resource: NRED Duties Owed

    3. Video: Knowing What the Duties Owed Form Is... and Is Not

    4. Preparation is Important

    5. Video: Example: The Importance of Being Prepared and Knowing Your Contracts

    6. Stay Current and In-The-Know

    7. Video: Great Customer Service Using RPR

    8. Manage Your Online Reputation

    9. Video: Be the Source of the Source

    10. Overcome Obstacles Together

    11. Video: Complaints are Opportunities

    12. Foster Relationships

    13. Create Clients for Life

    14. Video: The Face of Your Business

    15. Downloadable Resource: Unlicensed Assistants / Virtual Assistants

    16. Offering Value Quick Question

    1. Communication Preferences

    2. Video: Communicate Their Way

    3. Communication Types

    4. Video: Make Your Website Accessible to All

    5. Active Listening

    6. Video: You Need a CRM

    7. The Importance of a Customer Relationship Manager

    8. Start with Your Sphere of Influence (SOI)

    9. Video: Your Sphere is Where It's At!

    10. A Note About Cold Calling

    11. Prioritize Your Current Contacts

    12. Focus Your Efforts

    13. Video: Differentiate Your Messaging

    14. Video: Keep Track of Your Communications

    15. A Note About Emails

    16. Video: Social Media Friend List Segmentation

    17. Staying Relevant

    18. Effective Communication Quick Question

    1. Safety Considerations and Customer Service

    2. Downloadable Resource: The Nevada Law and Reference Guide

    3. Video: Client Interaction Safety Best Practices for Your Real Estate Business

    4. Safe Selling During a Pandemic

    5. Video: Surveillance and Keeping Client Information Private

    6. Good Cyber Citizenship and Internet Safety

    7. Video: Cybersecurity- What You Need to Know

    8. Providing Safe Customer Service Quick Question

    1. Providing an Exceptional Consumer Experience for Real Estate Professionals Final Exam

    2. REQUIRED - NRED Correspondence Content and Instructor Evaluation Report (CE.6904000-RE)

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