Course curriculum

    1. Message from the Instructor...

    2. Important information regarding internet CE courses

    3. How to use and attend this course, download your classroom material, and receive your CE certificate

    1. Preparation is Everything

    2. Mental Health and Well Being

    3. Staying Informed and Educated

    1. Know Your Role

    2. Be the Source of the Sources

    3. Guarding your Reputation

    4. Fair Housing Laws

    5. Downloadable Resource: Service and Emotional Support Animals

    6. Antitrust Laws

    7. Advertising

    8. Canned Spam, TCPA and DNC lists

    9. Copyright Laws

    10. Protecting Your Business Against Market Dependence

    11. Be the spam filter for your clients, but disclose... disclose... disclose and present all offers in a timely fashion

    12. Seek Help When Necessary

    13. Establishing Agency – Make it Official

    14. Downloadable Resource: Unintentional Agency

    15. Duties Owed

    16. Consent To Act

    17. Downloadable Resource: Clarifying the Consent to Act Form

    18. Downloadable Resource: Breaking Brokerage Agreements: Firing a Difficult Client

    19. Downloadable Resource: Legal Information Line Brochure

    1. Consistent Messaging to Clients and Agents

    2. Have Opening and Closing Procedures

    3. Downloadable Resource: 14 Simple Steps for Safeguarding Your Office

    4. Have an Office Protocol for Visitors/Guests

    5. Your P & P

    6. Open Door Policy

    7. Downloadable Resource: Nevada Law and Reference Guide

    8. E&O Insurance

    9. Record Keeping

    10. Be in the Know

    1. Cybercrime/Wirefraud

    2. Records Security, Retention and Use Parameters

    3. Social Media and Digital Pitfalls

    1. Include Your Sellers

    2. Partner up. Don’t do an open house alone.

    3. Spread the word the right way

    4. Stay alert with necessary indicators

    5. Know the layout

    6. Invite the neighbors

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