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    2. Video: How to use and attend this course, download your classroom material, and receive your CE certificate

    1. Video: NAR's Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Statement

    2. Video: Window to the Law: Creating a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

    3. Video: NAR's Fair Housing Action Plan

    4. Video: NAR’s Fair Housing Declaration

    5. Video: A Message from NAR: The Reaffirmation of Fair Housing Principles

    6. Video: Window to the Law: Fair Housing Update from NAR

    7. Downloadable Resource: 2022 Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

    8. Downloadable Resource: NAR Code of Ethics Bookmark

    9. Video: NAR's A Pathway to Professional Conduct

    10. Downloadable Resource: NAR's Professionalism in Real Estate Booklet

    11. Video: People Will

    12. The National Association of REALTORS® Supports Fair Housing Quick Question

    1. Video: Fair Housing is All-Encompassing

    2. Video: Discrimination is Prohibited

    3. Downloadable Resource: FHEO Booklet

    4. Video: Nevada’s Prohibited Acts and Fair Housing

    5. Video: Nevada's Declaration of Public Policy of State and Fair Housing

    6. Video: Race is a Protected Class

    7. Video: The Need for Clarification of Bias

    8. Video: Color is a Protected Class

    9. Ancestry is a Protected Class

    10. National Origin is a Protected Class

    11. Video: Religious Creed is a Protected Class

    12. Video: What does my headscarf mean to you?

    13. Sex is a Protected Class

    14. Video: Federal changes in 2021: LGBTQ Rights

    15. Video: Sexual Orientation is a Protected Class

    16. Video: Gender Identity or Expression is a Protected Class

    17. Video: Why Gender Pronouns Matter

    18. Video: How to Talk and Listen to Transgender People

    19. Disability is a Protected Class

    20. Video: Accessibility and Inclusion for All

    21. What is the difference between Fair Housing and the ADA?

    22. Familial Status is a Protected Class

    23. Exemptions to the Fair Housing Act

    24. Fair Housing and Protected Classes Quick Question

    1. Video: Guides and Gatekeepers

    2. Steering

    3. Video: Why Diversity is Best

    4. When Discrimination is not Overt

    5. Video: Fair Housing Violations can Happen with Buyer or Renter Clients Even when You “Mean Well”.

    6. Video: What is Required for Successful Diversity?

    7. Population Diversity Statistics

    8. Video: Do Our Actions Match Our Beliefs?

    9. Video: Housing Segregation and Redlining in America

    10. Video: Where Does Real Estate Fit In?

    11. Downloadable Resource: REALTOR Magazine: Mobilizing for Housing Equality

    12. Video: Fair Housing Makes Us Stronger

    13. Downloadable Resource: 39 Steps Toward Fair Housing

    14. Video: Blockbusting: AKA “Panic Peddling”

    15. Video: The Practice of Blockbusting

    16. National Fair Housing Alliance Reaches Historic Settlement with Fannie Mae Focused on Rebuilding Communities of Color

    17. Downloadable Resource: The Nevada Law and Reference Guide

    18. Fair Housing Law and the Barrier of Bias Quick Question

    1. Video: Understanding Our Unconscious Brain

    2. Video: The Stroop Test

    3. The Endowment Effect

    4. Video: Schemas

    5. Video: What is Bias?

    6. Video: Implicit Bias

    7. Video: Stereotypes and Attitudes

    8. 4 Tips for Durable Cross-Cultural Partnerships

    9. Video: Implicit Bias Affects Who We See

    10. Video: Attribution Error

    11. Video: Implicit Bias Drives Response

    12. Video: Implicit Bias Affects Body Language

    13. The Psychology of Bias Quick Question

    1. Video: Colorblindness

    2. What Violating Fair Housing Could Mean to You and Your Real Estate Career

    3. Video: Do We See All Perceived Discrimination?

    4. Video: Stereotype Threat

    5. Demand for Homeownership Surges Amidst the Pandemic, but Gaps Remain

    6. Demand for Homeownership Surges Amidst the Pandemic, but Gaps Remain, cont.

    7. Downloadable Resource: NAR's Snapshot of Race and Home Buying in America

    8. Video: The Impact of Trauma

    9. Downloadable Resource: What Everyone Should Know About Equal Opportunity in Housing

    10. The Consequences of Bias Quick Question

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